Corporate Culture

Enterprise culture is inheritance and development of the gene.Today we are facing increasingly

fierce global competition, enterprises should not only in technology, products, market competition,

capital, etc, to form competitive advantage of humanities, constant through the absorption and fusion,

make the organization system of ascension and correction, to adapt to the more complex and

changeable competitive environment and sustainable development of the space.Mpled is

inclusive and open to advocate corporate culture, emphasis on teamwork, encourage innovation at

the same time.

Mpled culture core elements

Staff: staff is the important resources in the enterprise competitiveness, the employees fully respect

and help their growth, to provide career development space and the stage, let employees realize

self-worth, will have the knowledge, wisdom, talent, skills and techniques into creative material

production activities, and employees share enterprise's operating results.
Customer: adhere to the customer as the center, to meet customer demand as the motivity of the

development of the enterprise, customer satisfaction is the best reward for the enterprise.
Partner: partners include the shareholders, dealers, suppliers, and the strategic alliance of enterprises,

individuals, organizations, in the capital, market, technology, supply chain enterprise in the macroscopic

and microscopic comprehensive cooperation, adhere to honesty, mutual benefit, the principle of equality,

fair and transparent, maximize achieve even surpass the set goals.

Mpled cultural spirit

In every action and summary, ray scholars look at themselves, constantly excavate potential, to "enterprising,

innovation, integrity, professional" as a mental program and code of conduct, and through a variety of

cultural activities as to make each members for understanding and acceptance.

Progress: aggressive is wisdom and wealth, with strong perseverance forward, fully tap their potential, keep

learning, moment full of passion and vitality.
Innovation: in the spirit of unremitting exploration, the technology, process, technology, management,

continuous improvement and innovation.
Integrity: to lixin, to stand.Enterprise and each member to stick to the correct values, at home and abroad,

for yourself.
Dedication: respect the work ethic, diligent work, to complete the task, to pursue success, towards excellence.


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