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LCD Google research and development of VR with LCD screen

The world conference on panel industry, currently in the United States Los Angeles SID, Google vice President in charge of VR Clay Bavor in BBS, said Google is together with the sharp development of high-speed reaction LCD panel technology, this technology will replace the OLED application in the field of VR/AR.

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Since Google chose previously used OLED production used in Google Pixel Phone, but due to shortage of OLED panel problems, as well as the high quality of OLED panel, and then put into research, how to use the LCD panel, can reach the reaction speed and the quality demand and OLED panel technology.It is understood that sharp's IGZO par can update rate with the AMOLED screen to VR/AR device specially developed screen, resolution can be more than 1000 ppi, equivalent to 4 k level, affect the screen effect of experience, will no longer appear because of the resolution is high enough.

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Google's technology nowadays, as the use of alternative lack of OLED panel, equal to announced on the LCD can be used in VR, and solve new generation Android mobile technology and the lack of OLED panel of the supply chain problems.Just use LCD panels to replace existing OLED, is not a easy thing, the main is still the LCD panel congenital problems, response speed than OLED, so manufacturers is also actively research and development, hoping to make can match speed of OLED minister products.


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