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Sony will increase production of about 10% of the image sensor to meet the needs of Chinese enterprises

Sony will increase production of about 10% of the image sensor to meet the needs of Chinese enterprises,<a href= target='_blank'>LCD</a>,<a href= target='_blank'>LCD</a> screen,<a href= target='_blank'>LCD</a> display,mp<a href= target='_blank'>LCD</a>,MPLED,led <a href= target='_blank'>LCD</a>,lcd touch screen,stock

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February 16 reported that Sony will be in March before the global market share of the first image sensor for production. Including the production of external commissioned enterprises, Sony plans to increase the monthly production to about 80,000 (by 300 mm wafer conversion), compared to the fall of 2016 73,000 increase of about 10%. In response to the growing demand for Chinese companies for smart phones and other image sensor needs.
Sony's smartphone image sensor is mainly produced by Nagasaki factory. The increase will not be equipment investment, but to improve the efficiency of existing production lines. It is reported that in the Chinese market, smart phone sales shop has been extended to the local city, high-end models of the demand for redemption. From the summer of 2016, Chinese enterprises' image sensor demand continued to recover.
Many Chinese and Korean smart phone manufacturers to camera functions as other enterprises to achieve the difference between the key. Sony plans to raise the proportion of custom products that are individually designed to meet the requirements of the enterprise, and promote smartphones to adopt Sony products on high-end models. But Sony will not be biased towards a particular business, but also for the mobile phone equipped with rear dual camera needs to promote research and development.
Including the external commissioned by the production capacity of enterprises, including Sony's monthly production capacity can be maintained at 85,000, after April the output will depend on demand trends.


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