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OLED screen supply tight situation at least two years

        April 7, according to foreign media reports, due to the output of high-resolution screen components behind the growing demand, OLED mobile phone screen supply is expected to supply at least 2019 years.
        According to the US survey company Display Supply Chain Consultants estimates, OLED screen global demand this year will grow 44% to 530 million; but the OLED screen supply can only increase by 5%.
        OLED screen in the smart phone industry more and more attention, because this screen is not only higher than the resolution of the LCD screen, the image display more clearly, and its energy consumption is also lower.
        Samsung Display is one of the industry's leading OLED screen manufacturers, it is expected that it's a new production plant will begin mass production in the second half of this year. Yushio Tamura, director of Asian affairs at Display Supplay Chain Consultants, said the increase in output will flow mainly to Samsung's Galaxy series of mobile phones and Apple's iPhone.
        Domestic screen manufacturers such as BOE Technology Group and Tianma Microelectronics will be the first to open their respective next year OLED screen production plant. But because of their relative lack of experience, it may take two years to get the production to full load.
        Display Supplay Chain Consultants predicts that by 2019, OLED screen supply will be close to 1 billion, more than the demand for more than 10%; in the supply situation is eased before the expected OLED screen prices will remain in a stable Level on.


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