CCTV Monitor

  • MP-PM240NX: 24
  • MP-PM240NX: 24
  • MP-PM240NX: 24
MP-PM240NX: 24MP-PM240NX: 24MP-PM240NX: 24

MP-PM240NX: 24

  • Port: ShenZhen,China Production Capacity: 5000pcs/Month
  • Delivery Times:7~25days after deposit Trade Terms:FOB ShenZhen Port,China
  • Payment Terms:T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P,Western Union,Paypal Certification:CE,RoHS,FCC,ISO9001
  • Warranty:13 months
  • Product description:


CCTV monitor is specialized for CCTV system, Monitoring.CCTV LCD monitor is low power consumption and stability performance, so it is widely popular in  the market.It is suitable for the traffic regulation, mine, electronics, bank, government and so on.Our company provide ODM, OEM design, development, production services.Including 8 ~ 84 inches model.And accept the customers to sample order.


● Anti-static, magnetic field, strong electric field

● Intelligent cooling system

● Low energy consumption backlight system

● Brightness adjustment

● Touch conotrol

● Toughened glass protection


● Image automatically adjust

● Manually adjust the image position

● Color automatically adjust

● Color manual adjustment

● white balance adjustment

● ADC adjustment

● 3D decoding

● 3D comb filter

● 3D noise reduction

● Double to interlaced 3D

● 3D light (Y/C) separation

● 3D color management

● 3D edge serrated processing

● 3D images of static/dynamic compensation

● Screen freezes function

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